February 2017

I dream to drink cream

I admit, most of the time I live in a dream world. In one of my multiple dreams, I dream of green pastures and meadows. I dream of meadows splattered with beautiful wild flowers growing in varied colors of yellow, pink, orange, and fuchsia. I dream of the gentle buzzing of the bees gathering the …

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PEEPLI Live – The Movie

India’s official entry for the race to the Oscars. What are the first two thoughts that enter your mind when you think of movies from India? Well, either it is a BOLLYWOOD bonanza or a documentary depicting the dire straits of the poor in India. Either the images of festivities, exotic international locales, gorgeous long …

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Coconut Oil

I have had a longstanding relationship with the coconut, longer than most of my human relationships have lasted. I was born in a small hilly town, in the midst of the Himalayas. It used to be the summer capital of the Britishers and aptly so, because of its natural beauty. My upbringing reflected the simple …

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