Serendipity and Bath Products

I am a self-proclaimed bath, shower and product junky. I have spent at least half of my life trying to find unique bath and body products not readily available in stores. For such a purpose I have scoured all ethnic stores of the town/cities/countries I have visited. Now some of the products are available online.

The irony is that my olfactory senses are hindered by allergies. However, this has been a blessing in disguise as my other senses have been heightened and I pick the most unique products sheerly based on visual beauty, texture, touch, feel and the mental ability to formulate the scent of the product. And trust me, I have never been wrong.

I try to avoid the big department stores when I travel as the products are ubiquitous and available almost all over the world. The true pleasure in a find is when you discover the hidden gem!!!

I have had the most fun when I travel internationally. I love going to the local grocery stores and pharmacies to check out the products. You will not believe the wide array of unique products I have found at a FARMACIA, PERFUMERIA, SALUMERIA (yes they carry soaps), CHEMIST SHOPS, DUKAAN, EPICERIE and of course the chemist shops at the international airport terminals.

Some of the products that I simply love and have been using for years are:

Cleo body products from Italy, infused with honey and yoghurt. Just the combination of the two products makes me salivate and reek of a luxuriating, holistic effect. Both honey and yoghurt are known for their healing and repair values for the skin. The whipped body butter is like applying fresh whipped cream to your body, drizzled with honey….so light and airy, almost scrumptious!!

The pink and white packaging gives it a distinct European touch. I am happy to see the products are now available online, although I would rather go to Italy and buy it from the NEGOZIO.

From India, the MYSORE SANDAL SOAP owned by the Government and manufactured in 1916. Can you believe that…1916, before INDIA got freedom from the Britishers. The soap comes from the South of India, where Sandalwood trees used to grow in abundance. It is the only soap in the world made of 100% SANDALWOOD OIL. I love the retro packaging and the round cake is reminiscent of old world charm.

CLV Lux soaps from China….the soaps remind me of flowers, candy, marshmallows, crayons, happy times and children! The bars are yellow, pink, blue and green. Simply a visual delight making one look forward to a long, luxuriating shower. .AND always remember cleanliness is next to Godliness!!!