An ode to polka dots and Madam Kusama

The beguiling, captivating, sweet polka dot. It can be in various sizes, colors and mediums, but is consistently cute, fun, adorable and irresistible.

Yes, when we think of polka dots, the consensus is FUN! I was going to write a sugary blog about the endearing qualities of polka dots, especially related to fashion and art. The dots bring out the child-like fun and innocence in us; at times can be coquettishly flirtatious; other times sexy in a retro kind of way and yet at other times can be a form of very striking pop art worth a fortune.

But then I thought of the artist whose name is synonymous with polka dots. The grand dame of polka dots, Madam Yayoi Kusama—the Japanese polka dot artist. Her thoughts are circular, her dreams are coiled, she hallucinates globularly and draws only in circles!!

I read about her and cried. I know there is nothing cute about that! She is a crazed artist who suffered great adversities in her life, struggled with mental illness, is obsessive and lives in a mental hospital by choice close to her art studio. Yet, she draws and sculpts these spectacular circular creations that are sold for millions of dollars to art collectors. Her name will go down in history synonymous with polka dots!!!

So, my blog is a celebration of polka dots as an ode to Madam Kusama. Let’s celebrate the eccentricities of the genius that is Madam Kusama who has brought us the fun, appealing, delightful art despite her own dark, dangerous and looming demons!

Once you get into the world of polka dots, a whole world of symbolism opens up. A world, away from the “cuteness and fun” and more on an erudite level. For example, doesn’t the polka dot have a deep symbolism of infinity and continuity of life? The universe we live in is infinite and boundless. It may not be apparent to us mortals, but there is continuity in life and nature. The polka dot is a symbol of it.

What about the symbolism of simplicity? The polka dot is a simple round circle, without any accruements and yet so striking and bold. Analogize this concept to fashion and the lesson learnt is—the simpler the design, the more striking it is. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter!

Some of you cynical ones might say, polka dots are “only circles.” How much imagination or creative genius is required to make circles? It is repetitive art and represents a lack of ideas. Fair enough, I will give the cynics their due as I am a strong proponent of presentation of conflicting ideas. Maybe, Kusama cannot draw or sculpt like Matisse or Michelangelo….maybe she does not have an inexhaustible wealth of ideas and hence draws only circles. But, do her solely circular compositions, ideas, color schemes, interpretations, and concepts make her less of a genius? Is she any less talented only because she draws in circles?

The beauty of being an artist and art is INTERPRETATION. What may be a polka dot for one, can be the karmic cycle of life for another. What maybe a circle for one, could be a hallucinatory scary dream worthy of a million interpretations for the other.

Whatever the case may be, whether you are a genius or just a one idea artist, you will have to agree with me that the polka dot is one form of art that is simply captivating, fascinating, charming and irresistible to people of all ages.

I dare you not to lust after the products below….if you can resist the temptation of the luring polka dot, I say to you…bring some dots in your flat life!!!!

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