Cake and Ice Cream with Flair

Cake and ice-cream…..we all have tried it at one point of our lives or the other. At a party, a restaurant or just because there is some cake and ice-cream in the fridge.

I call it the ubiquitous dessert…when one cannot come up with any innovative ideas for a dessert, it is the safest bet. When one is in a rush to serve a dessert and has reached an absolute loss of ideas, one can whip up this combination in a jiff!!

The most common, the most “popular,” spiritless, regular and yes I will say it, dull and boring dessert ever. It is a dessert that SCREAMS—I am the most uncreative, traditional, unimaginative, sans style person EVER!!!

Look at the photo below—the first thought that comes to my mind is “common.” If you have any taste, urbanity or style, the least you will do is crinkle your nose at the photo. For others, who are salivating at the sight of the cake and ice-cream below, I love you guys for reading my blog, but you have to broaden your horizons and I will help you do it.

I am going to introduce you to a cake and ice-cream combination with a twist, with flair, with style and panache!! Yes, that’s my purpose in life….helping my readers live life with a little more spice, a little more dash, a bit more swagger!!

Imagine a visual of a beautiful thick ceramic white plate with a circular round piece of green cake on it….yes I said GREEN!! There is a glistening swirl of cream peeking from its crevices. Just a hint of cream and not gobs of it like an industrial looking cake.

Now imagine, placed on the side of the green cake delight, there is a delicate, powdery, pale green ball of fluff with a shiny green interior.

Hasn’t the description already piqued your interest? You are intrigued. You are wondering what could it possibly be? Is it edible? You are thinking how can I eat green dessert? Is it something foreign? I wonder how it tastes?

Well, be still your racing mind and let me help you. It is a delicious piece of green tea cake with a swirl of the freshest cream inside it. Placed by its side is a small piece of sliced green tea Mochi ice-cream!! Exotic and healthy! Eye closing, sound making, ummmmm scrumptious!!

Serve this dessert and you will be the hippest host in town. C’mon, you are serving dessert made with the hottest ingredient these days—GREEN TEA! If you are not aware of all the benefits being touted of green tea you are living in a cave. Any book or magazine you crack open discusses this miracle tea, loaded with anti-oxidants, polyphenols etc., etc., etc. The hype surrounding it makes me believe, if I eat this dessert regularly, I will be a youthful cherub for infinity!!

Mochi is a Japanese dessert. It looks like a beautiful, fluffy marshmallow ball, without the syrupy sweetness. It is delicate and visually attractive. It is a small ball of green-tea ice-cream, stuffed in a sticky rice cover and powdered with slight sugar. Sometimes, there is a swirl of sweet red beans in it that adds extra flavor and protein! Imagine a healthy dessert…an oxymoron?

The various colors of Mochi remind me of soft, colorful balls that a new-born baby will play with and maybe chew on.

You can find both the desserts at your local Chinese, Japanese or Asian stores. The Mochi ice-cream can be ordered from

So, we have a stylish, visually attractive, hip and healthy dessert at our hands in a jiff and can forego the “dull” white cake and white ice-cream combination.

Friends, hold my hand, trust in me and let’s begin our journey of artful living together. Take small steps such as the one here and one day we will together take great leaps!!