Heart beats and lips pucker

I have always been attracted to clothing with lips and hearts images. A pair of luscious deep red puckered lips on a dress or a t-shirt is attention grabbing. It leads the viewer to concoct images of love, sex, foreplay and desire. For me it is just striking.

Similarly, a heart knitted into a sweater conjures images of love, vulnerability and happiness.

Lips and hearts on clothing are conversation starters. Plus you simply cannot ignore the cuteness and sweetness factor.

Of course, do not overdo it and become a walking, talking emoticon wreck. Don’t wear the heart sweater with heart necklaces and earrings. But, try something different. Go down the not so well traveled road…for example try the hot red lip boots….yes, it is a diversion from the standard lip images on t-shirts and dresses and keep the rest of the look minimal and tailored. Wear it with love and blow kisses when you get compliments!