I dream to drink cream

I admit, most of the time I live in a dream world. In one of my multiple dreams, I dream of green pastures and meadows. I dream of meadows splattered with beautiful wild flowers growing in varied colors of yellow, pink, orange, and fuchsia. I dream of the gentle buzzing of the bees gathering the sweet nectar of the flowers. I dream of melodious chirping of birds. I dream of healthy white cows with big black spots grazing and languoring in the afternoon sun in the meadows.

This dream is followed by a dream of big metaltins brimming with frothy, creamy pearly white milk and cream. I dream of such creamy milk being poured into old fashioned glass bottles and delivered to my door by a kind farmer. I dream of taking the cap off, licking the cream and then gulping the frothy, pure, creamy delight!!

Okay, okay I have read Heidi a bit too many times, but so what. I still believe in the goodness of all things old-fashioned and natural.

The closest I can get to my dreams in a densely populated metropolis is buying products of Straus Organic Family Creamery. Yes, they have adapted to the modern ways by providing the requisite low fat, non-fat fare, but they also have the good stuff. I could not conceal my joy when I saw the old-fashioned milk bottles clogged at the top with a dollop of cream. I could not resist scooping the cream and feeling its divine soft texture leading me to my “dream heaven.”