Bridging the Gap

The world has truly shrunk. Boundaries have been destroyed. All is accessible. The world is my oyster. Such clichés have truly delivered in today’s times.

A perfect example of destruction of such boundaries is the fashion world. Western designers are getting inspiration from the Eastern World and vice versa. Gone are the days when a T-shirt and jeans, long dresses or a business suit dictated Western fashion. In the same vein, the days of traditional ethnic attire such as saris, kimonos, and mantoos are short lived as well. Go to any Asian country and the “new traditional attire” is jeans, skirts, pants and dresses.

That is so wonderful to say the least as there is a galore of inspiration for designers. It is also an opportunity for various countries and cultures to learn and grow with each other as after all, aren’t we living in a “WORLD ECONOMY.”

Look at the hair parting in the CHANEL Spring/Summer 2011 show.

Compare it to the hair parting with “Sindoor” in the model from India.

Filling the hair parting with a deep red “Sindoor” powder is a century old traditional practice in India denoting the marital status of the woman. Of course, modern women in India too have veered away from such traditions and adopted the more Western style of shorter hairstyles. But the black ink used by Chanel in the hair of the models is an example of inspiration from the other side of the world.

How about a “Dhoti” dress? “Dhoti” is worn in lieu of pants by men in the remote parts of India. It is a piece of cloth tied around the waist via a special technique. It is supremely cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat as it allows great air ventilation. In fact, it was the attire of the Father of India, MAHATAMA GANDHI.

Compare the traditional Dhoti to the modern version of the Dhoti Pants below. Similar, right?

Well, designers are taking inspiration from the “Dhoti” to design dresses and pants in the Western world. Probably because the drapes of it are soo sexy and intriguing when incorporated in CLOTHING.

Check out the Marchesa’s dhoti inspired dress below.

Well how about a Toga dress? Toga was a one-piece garment, essentially the national dress of Rome. Well, it surely inspired a number of modern day versions of the Toga.

So, boundaries have fallen, cultural demarcations are destroyed, perimeters have been demolished. Those of you interested in fashion, design, culture….set your wanderlust free and get inspired by the “SMALL WORLD.”