Chic checker

I usually do not do street style blogs as I do not find most people to be visually stimulating. Most try to look like clones of each other, in a maddening effort to conform to whatever the “it” look is of that season. No “X,” “Y,” or “Z” factor there!

However, after meeting William, I was compelled to write at least one street style blog (pardon my photography, as I am a klutz). I mean, how many times does one come across a chic, stylish checker enrolled in OTIS fashion school working at an uber organic store such as Whole Foods?

I like to buy at organic stores, even though it often has a dire effect on my bank account. It is not that I am a health freak or have an “oh-so elite” sensibility that I want my strawberries to be only organic and my Labneh (Greek yoghurt) to be made of hormone free, chemical free, only grass-fed, free-range cows (after all the negations, does it even qualify as milk?). What I find alluring at such organic stores is the uniqueness of products. They stock goodies from all over the world and that gives me the much-desired international flavor. Honey yoghurt from France–I like the sound of that.

But most things in life form a pattern. The generic ones have a pattern, and even the unique ones form a pattern. The issue then arises, if there is a pattern to unique, does it truly stay “unique,” or become generic? I know, it is a circular argument and my legal brain just went on a tangent. So getting back to where I was, when I go to the organic stores, I see a pattern there as well. One pattern is the fashion sense of the checkers. The customary sight at such stores is hippy chic! Long overgrown hair, no make-up, Buddha rings on the fingers, an OM tote lying under the cash register, crocs on the feet, and a heightened awareness of how adding 2 drops of Echinacea to your rhubarb ginger tea can make you in sync with your Kundalini.

In such instances, the first thought that comes to my mind is “groupies,” “extremists,” and possibly “weird.”

Therefore, when by serendipity I ended up in William’s row, I was shocked. The first thing that caught my eye was his handsome face and the oh-so-stylish glasses perched on his nose. He complimented my hair; I was shocked as most people lapse into an uncomfortable silence when it comes to my very short, cropped hair, unless I am surrounded by my savvy fashion friends. I knew it then and there that William was unique.

I complimented his t-shirt with the chest-sized red circle on it and his camel-colored jacket. Of course, his t-shirt was from Opening Ceremony, my very favorite avant-garde store that I earlier blogged about. To add cherry to the frosting, the t-shirt was for a good cause. It was to benefit the Japan earthquake fund and was a limited edition piece.

His jacket was from Barneys, the ultimate destination for people who know fashion.

William was wearing the must-have accessory, a pair of turtle-shell framed glasses from Barton Perreira. As per recent statistics, wearing glasses is the sexiest accessory for both the genders (no longer amanrepellant).

I got to speak with William for a few minutes, despite the boring glares from his supervisor that I could feel on my back for taking up William’s time.

Yes, William is unique and I was proven right when he told me that he is enrolled in fashion school at the esteemed OTIS college of Art and Design. Stay true to yourself William and always live in style!