Coke goes Couture

Karl Lagerfeld and Diet Coke. What is the common denominator? Skinny silhouette, hi-style appeal and quirkiness.

Karl Lagerfeld designed the cover of the limited edition Diet Coke bottles coming out in June. Yes, Diet Coke has upped the style factor and is now clothed in a haute couture wrap of swirly psychedelic candy stripes, kaleidoscopic polka dots and dizzying stars. It appears that Coke and Mr. Lagerfeld are trying to invoke a hallucinatory and phantasmagoric experience for the drinker. Trying to give us “commoners” a heady rush!! (With the upcoming nuptials of the blue blooded in London, all of a sudden I have become conscious of the social class system.)

I like that Mr. Lagerfeld used basic colors such as white, black, grey with a prudent dash of cotton candy pink in his design. The cover results in a pop artsy image, something maybe a modern day Andy Warhol would design.

Being the master of the business savvy fashion world, Lagerfeld knows it is all about branding. What can be a more powerful brand than an image of himself! Hence, he places a signature caricature of his “skinny” silhouette standing erect, further selling the concept of “drink Diet Coke and be skinny.”

What can we expect next from the hi-priest of fashion? Possibly a bottle of Moët et Chandon clothed in a quilted leather cover with a chained bottle stopper…a la bubbly Chanel experience!

What is the message in the bottle? Life is merely a mirage, it is a fantasy-drink Diet Coke, live the dreamy haute world of fashion and most importantly be skinny!