A Name That Defines Itself Anika

Even before I knew what the name Anika meant, I paid Anika a compliment on the softness on her face. Her expression is angelic and winsome; bright and clear, for all to see. Then, I read that Anika means “Sweet Face.” Hence, dispensing the adage, “what is in a name?” Anika’s name is a window to her soul. The gentle expression on her face and the kindness in her expressive eyes are aptly in keeping with the meaning of her name-Sweet Face.

Anika’s blogs are evident of a blogger on a journey of self-worth and improvement. She has been through many upheavals in her life, but her writing and blogs are devoid of any cynicism or agendas. In fact, she comes out to be a strong and confident woman constantly on the virtuous path of self-realization. Her blogs are thoughtful and introspective. For example she recently posted a blog on “The art of not feeling threatened by the beauty of others.” She makes a self-admission as to how once upon a time she was threatened by beautiful women, but developed self-value, overcame negative thoughts and now admires beautiful women. Anika is mindful and gracious.

What is most appealing about Anika is the generosity of her spirit and big heart. She single-handedly proves that the more one gives, the more one receives. She features other bloggers on her site selflessly and with no thought of making herself the “Star” of her blog. She promotes other bloggers and spreads the love. Of course, the love comes back to her in many folds as I see her name as one of the most mentioned names on the #FF (Friend Friday) list!

She is a motivational and uplifting fashion blogger, worth following! (byanika.com)

Thank you Anika for making me the recipient of your love and generosity and featuring me on your blog.