My last post was cerebrally heavy so I want to make this a fun one! A blend of heavy and light is always good for the soul.

Rings are not just an accessory but an extension of my mood. They are tiny and understated yet expressive; coy yet bold; sometimes in full view and at other times play peek-a-boo. They are not like other accessories, for example earrings that are there for all to see, at all times during the period the wearer wears them. Not rings. Rings are not blatant, they are not obvious, you cannot take them for granted. They play hide and seek with the viewer depending on how expressive or inexpressive the wearer is. They take on the personality of the wearer. Dull or exciting…that is if for you to decide.

I talk with my hands. I express with my hands. When I want to make a point, my hands take on a definitive role and my ring expresses a purpose. When I get excited, my hands are animated and flail all over the place with my ring going in circular motions in the air. When my mercurial temper rises you can definitely see the violent flashing of my ring. At such times my ring is in full view. At other times, I recoil, I withdraw, I recede, I am pensive and my ring adapts to my mood like a chameleon and hides.

It is an extension of my mood, my personality, my emotions on that particular day, the specific hour and the precise moment.

Lately I have fallen in love with the whimsical rings designed by British born designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. They are fun, quirky, unconventional, bold, striking and definitely a conversation starter. The rings compliment my idiosyncrasies. Now if only I had the dough to buy them, I would supersede the Disney version of an animated character!