Soul Mates

A short and thoughtful blog for today, as I am tired. Yes I had a long day with clients and files and I feel tirrreeeed!!

I went to China recently and I will share my travels to the far east with you shortly.

Today, I was skimming through my photos and found this one in Shanghai.

It stood out most amongst a plethora of other photos due to the size of my gigantic Louis Vuitton bag in contrast with the Chinese man. The LV seems to have a personality of its own. The thought that crossed my mind was the desire to look and feel good runs in all human beings. Here I was with my giant LV bag, wearing a Max Mara tuxedo coat with patent Jimmy Choo boots. My outfit probably cost the nice Chinese gentleman’s half a year’s salary.

On the other hand, the nice man was no less spiffy with his perfectly ironed and bleached shirt, a vest underneath (yes, the most stylish item of clothing on the runway), a stylish beret and charming shoes.

We both had made an effort to look our very best in our respective ways. Me, by carrying my appendage of an LV bag, and him by paying close attention to the details of his clothing. The snow white shirt is an example of the thought he has put into dressing.

We were from different worlds, different generations and our dialogue was lost in translation. Yet, the common thread of sartorial elegance bound us like glue. Our respective smiles are an example of the oneness in our spirit. So, dress for the soul.