Air Style

Trav-el: To move, to go, to transmit, to transport, to journey, to proceed. All forward moving acts…and for me all done with style and elegance.

I was at the airport today and as is my true nature, I observed. I surveyed harried travelers pushing their U.S. 20 dollar unsightly brown, red and black Rexene suitcases tied with equally dull ropes, tapes or cords on metallic trolleys. I observed travelers dressed in their ungainly worst in sweat pants, the most worn (surely comfortable) t-shirts, drab exercise shoes and nylon bags. They were ubiquitous and omnipresent!!

It was a lacklustrous sight and definitely did not invoke any glamorous feelings such as “wanderlust.” In fact, I was saddened by the lack of care, thought and style put into traveling. It made me think, has traveling become so cumbersome for us as a society that we try to look and dress our very worst? I mean taking a 23 hour flight to another continent does take a toll on one’s hair and skin, but can’t we make it somewhat of a pleasant experience by infusing some style, grace and flair to it? Can we halt the dullness in an already dull journey?? The suitcases below invoke supreme images of drab.

Ubiquity in motion

I perfectly know and understand that all of us can’t afford a 4,000 dollar luggage set. But, at least we can be inspired by it. So here we go, picture and imagine this on your next trip and start building your travel kit. Less or more money…does not matter. What matters is the taste you have!

Too bad travel by ship is obsolete, otherwise who can resist the beautiful Louis Vuitton trunks? A truly regal sight to behold!

In modern times at least go for stylish, soft luggage infused with a pattern or color.

On a long flight nothing feels so good against your tired and dried skin as cashmere. The comfort you will derive from your own soft and clean blanket will far outweigh the cost of it.

Pamper yourself with a few extras to add swagger and verve to your mood! (In fact, you will brighten the day of your fellow traveler as well.) My bag always consists of a good soft lotion that smells divine. I love the Shea butter in the L’Occitane lotion (just the word butter makes me go ummmmm!)

A hydrating spray for the face not only softens the skin, but wakes up tired eyes, without using the germy loo!

A lip salve in an old-fashioned tin smelling of roses to moisten the lips in the arid airplane air.

An Italian hand blended perfume that refreshes not only you, but brings a whiff of pleasure to your fellow passenger as well. Inspired by original 16th century secret formulas commissioned by Caterina de Medici, “i Profumi di Firenze” perfumes.

Okay, you hipsters might scoff, but I am an old-fashioned girl and love to keep myself fresh with talcum powder. I know you may say it is a grandmotherly product and sooo outdated, but try it on a long flight to freshen not only your intimate parts, but to luxuriate in its softness and freshness!! Can you resist the old-fashion charm of the Italian talc, “Boro Talco”?

Buon viaggio my friends and may the style be with you always!