Très chic blogger-Cameron Miquelon June 05 2017, 0 Comments

his blog is especially dedicated to dear Cameron of 33 avenue Miquelon for the humorous and thoughtful feature she wrote about me.  Thank you Cameron, I truly feel honored!

Cameron is a journalist and a Francophile.  Periodically she introduces her readers to the language of love by interspersing French phrases into her blogs.  Although, I must say I feel somewhat uncultured and unsophisticated when I have to use to know the exact meaning of the phrases she uses.  Cameron, I will be working on my French more diligently, I promise!

I love Cameron’s witticism and tongue-in-cheek humor.  She can truly be “laugh-out-loud” funny.  She has a wide radar and writes about fashion, music and even a post titled Autostyle-The Five Rides of Summer 2011.  How many of us can write a post on a convertible mini Cooper with all the specs included along with photos taken by Lachlan Bailey for Harper’s Bazaar.  Talk about a colossal radar!  On a personal note, I love Cameron as she is a fellow Public Radio supporter.

Read Cameron’s blog or follow her on twitter @CameronMiquelon for petite pleasures on fashion, cars, music and thought provoking photography.  Thank you again, Cameron!  BISOUS (I think I got all my singulars and plurals mixed up, sorry Cameron!)